#Shorts is a video collection featuring short-form videos that are 60 seconds or less. Bestow TV primarily uses #Shorts to showcase unboxing videos, particularly those featuring blind and mystery boxes, as well as Advent Calendars. The format of these videos is perfect for those who want a quick and entertaining glimpse into the world of unboxing and collectibles.

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Series 1 Mystery Box

The Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron vehicles offers authentic and highly detailed micro vehicles that are perfect for both play and display. Each mystery box comes with an iconic Star Wars vehicle, along with a 2.5cm articulated micro action figure that can be used with any Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron vehicle and displayed on the included flight stand. There is 5 Scout Class figures and vehicles, including the Mandalorian Speeder Bike, Bloodfin Speeder, Endor Speeder Bike, T-85 Speeder Bike, and AT-RT!

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Darth Maul with Bloodfin 
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Din Djarin with Speeder Bike 
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Ahsoka Tano with Speeder Bike 
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Cobb Vanth with Speeder 
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Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike 
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Clone Trooper with AT-RT 

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